RIBA work stage 1

The design process begins by forming the project brief. Expect us to ask lots of questions about your requirements and aspirations for the project.  The brief will evolve to form an invaluable tool which we revisit and update as the project progresses and we learn more about your specific needs.


RIBA work stages 2-3

Our initial sketches will explore how various design solutions may answer the brief. We will discuss each aspect of the proposals in detail with you as the design develops. We will produce drawings, material samples and 3D rendered views that illustrate the qualities of the proposed layouts and spaces. 

RIBA work stage 4

We progress the design from planning drawings to a fully developed scheme, with detailed drawings and schedules describing the works. These form part of a package that will enable accurate prices to be provided for construction. We can assist by identifying suitable builders and assess prices returned.

RIBA work stages 5-6

During construction works, we will visit the site to see that work is proceeding in accordance with the designs and solve any problems that occur. Payment claims will be assessed against progress. Following completion we make final inspections and advise on any rectification works required.